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Company Law Expertise

We align our legal services to the sectors in which our clients operate.

So you know you’ll always receive the best, industry-focused, legal advice.

Core business sectors:

  • Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Contracts

  • Investment Funds, Private Equity & Venture Capital

  • Commercial Investigations

  • Information, Communication & Technology 

  • Intellectual Property  

  • Real Estate and Renewables        

  • Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation

  • Entertainment industry productions & production contracts

Cyprus jurisdiction

Cyprus has adjusted the entirety of its corporate legislation in a way that make the island one of the most business and investment friendly destinations in EU and the world.

With a strong legal framework based on the english tradition of equity and common law, the country’s legal system exemplifies legal simplicity and stability with full integration of the acquis communautaire.

Civil law and family law proceedings

A property lease, a purchase contract, a divorce, a will, an inheritence or an adoption procedure are only everyday examples of civil cases.

Common legal and administrative procedures may require legal support by an experienced attorney that will guarantee that procedures followed will meet the requirements of the law and deadlines will not elapse without taking necessary action.

Offences and criminal cases

J K. Rowling’s quote ‘I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me” may find truth at certain moments of our lives.

From a common traffic violation to a criminal act, our life may suddenly depend on the judgement of a single person.

For those tough times you will need a defense attorney that will stand by you and assure with outmost professionalism that your rights are respected and your case pleaded for the best outcome. If that bad moment ever arrives, call our lawyers the first instant possible, thus giving them time to protect you and your interests at no delay.

GDPR compliance

GDPR has caused many companies intense compliance headaches due to its comprehensive scope, far-reaching obligations and severe penalties.

The General Data Protection Regulation looks and feels like a compliance burden. It sets a high bar for security and privacy, and it comes with hefty fines if you don’t meet it. Being GDPR compliant is not merely an exercise of checking off the right boxes, enriching your website’s privacy policy narrative and then moving on.

We can help you improve data protection and address all your cybersecurity concerns.

Our experts can assist you go through the process of GDPR compliance and serve as your Data Protection Officer.

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